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Cigarette companies do not want you to know the contents of this website.

Scroll down to find out why!


…is found in 30% of these guys.

You take a sigh of relief,
You wouldn’t suck on one of these nowa days?

…But then WHY would you

suck on one of these…?


(drum roll)

Cigarettes are plastic

Cigarette filters are made out of ‘mono / cellulose acetate’ (plastic).

And, in fact:

Cigarette butts are the biggest source of plastic pollution in the world.

Yes, even worse than those damn straws!

And that’s because:

When you fl*ck

your butt..

it doesn’t
just stay there!

. . .

You know that saying:

“When it rains, it pours”?

Well, all that needs to happen is for it to – rain

to wash your ciggie…

Down this bloody – drain!

Your butt is then carried

through our watersystems,
into rivers
and eventually, into the sea.
Yes, all the way to the fucking Ocean!

Continue scrolling to see
a real-life butt.

Great so, because

fish don’t actually smoke…

This poor fish will

mistake your butt for food, and
slowly choke to death.
But now also,
anything that eats the fish…
like birds,

and even

…yes that’s right…


eats your plastic butt too!



  • A South African expression reserved for moments of great disgust.
  • e.g. “Ay man, don’t just somma chuck your plastic butt… it’s sies!”

Can't see
your butt in the sushi??

That's because:

Cigarette companies defend

the use of plastic filters

by saying that it is


Butt, Don't be mislead:

Photo-degradable’┬ásounds similar to “biodegradable”, but they are not – at all – the same.

is NOT eco-friendly!

‘Photo-degradable’ just means that sun light eventually breaks one piece of plastic into tiny little fibres of plastic called:


Big plastic into Small plastic
– in 2-15 years.


Because plastic is not biodegradable, it will




(Get ‘used up’ by living organisms
and decompose)


Here’s the Butt we promised you


Only these kinda butts biodegrade.


And, get this:





Okay so...

Although the filter does catch some stuff in the filter while you’re smoking

…your butt will eventually leach those 7000+ CHEMICALS
into the environment.

So... why

Is it – still – socially acceptable to just
fl*ck your plastic butt?


The good news is:


can do something about it!



Stop Smoking

Can't go wrong here


Don't fl*ck butts

Recycle them rather


Seek Eco Alternatives

Click here to begin

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against plastic cigarettes on:

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